Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Regal Cinema, Minehead-Model in SketchUp

This a conversion proposal for the Regal Cinema, in Minehead in Somerset, for BRS Architects, Oxford. The brief was to convert the run-down cinema, which housed a Kwik-Save supermarket on the ground floor, into a full-blown theatre and arts centre, and to provide a permanent home for the collection of Minehead's most famous son, Arthur C. Clarke.

Two more SketchUp renders of the project, done in X-Ray mode. This rendering technique shows how complex this model is -- it slowed my PowerMac G5 to a crawl. But revisiting it with a Mac Pro 24-thread Xeon machine, I was able to rotate the whole model, in real time, with shadows.

Here's rough fly-through of the project:

And here's an X-Ray version, because, why not?

This was a blue-sky approach to the conversion -- too complex (and expensive) for what the owners had it mind -- but it was to allow people to get an idea of what might be possible and to get them behind the project.

Regal Cinema, Minehead-Model Rendered in Cheetah3D

The model rendered in Cheetah3D, using HDRI and Ambient Occlusion. I kept the samples low on this one for a sort of 'Fractal Noise' effect.
When Minehead is finally in hi-res on Google Earth, I'll revisit this.